Dhoom 3 Movie Hindi Poem & English Translation

Dhoom 3 Hindi Poem, Dhoom 3 Poem English Translation, Dhoom 3 Poem Meaning, Dhoom 3 Movie Poem Translation:

Makers of ‘Dhoom 3′ movie have published their film’s first Teaser Video. This video was telecast on their official YouTube channel. Till now, this video has gotten 4,553,122 hits with 28,598 likes and 5,836 dislikes.

This teaser features a short poem. This poem is in Hindi language and has been sung by Aamir Khan. We have posted that whole poem here with its translation in English language.

Dhoom 3 Movie PosterDhoom 3 Movie Poem in Hindi:

Bande Hain Hum Uss Ke,
Hum Peh Kish Kaa Jhor,
Umeedon Ke Suraj,
Nikle Charon Orh,
Erade Hey Fauladi,
Himmati Har Kadam,
Apne Haathon Kismat Likhne,
Aaj Chale Hain Hum..

Dhoom 3 Poem English Meaning:

We are his men,
Only he has control over us,
Ray of hope is,
Rising all around us,
Ours determination is Steely,
Each step is full of courage,
To write our fate with our own hands,
We start today..

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